In 2013, I undertook some personal development exercises. One of which is the Certified Copywriting Specialist programme from the Business Training Institute, USA (

Designed to be completed after a 6-months study, candidates must complete some mandatory readings. Then they must undertake a special project. And finally a set of multiple choice questions

Upon passing will they be a Certified Copywriting Specialist awarded by this US-based Business Training Institute.

Before this I taught myself copywriting by reading books by Robert Bly. Last year, too, I took two courses from the American Writers Association Inc. (AWAI). The two courses are:

  • How to Write White Papers that Command Top Fees
  • Getting B2B Clients: How to Land Great Clients Fast in Just 6 Easy Steps

I’ve placed an order for some books via The package should arrive in the coming fortnight. By that time, I aim to complete the certificate by the end of the month. Finally becoming a Certified Copywriting Specialist (BTI, USA).