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It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going. — Brian Tracy

At the Singapore Air Force Museum in October 2014.

Thank you for dropping by AldricTinker.com.

I’m Aldric Tinker Toyad: Copywriter by Trade and a Social Media Analyst by profession. Besides coffee and travel, I enjoy reading, writing, swimming, and the usual PC strategy gaming.

When did I start copywriting? In 2008, just as I exited law school. Exit, not graduate. There’s something therapeutic about writing and amazing about words: how it is used, which are used, which are avoided etc. Spillover effect from law school perhaps?

From February 2016, I joined a great social media analysis company based in Kuala Lumpur as one of the Associate Director. Here I make sense of conversations, trends, and online posts for clients. I’m also part of the business development team looking for new opportunities: clients, vendors, and new markets.

In November 2014, I completed the Director Consultant Training at the BNI Malaysia National Office. Robert French, National Director of BNI Malaysia awarding me the certificate of completion.

During my time in Kuching, I was also a member of BNI Signature Chapter where I got to hone my networking and referral marketing skills. Currently I am looking for a new home chapter in the Klang Valley. Until then, I am more than happy to help business owners, sales and marketing professionals with the ways of business networking a la BNI. Until February, I was also a Director Consultant for BNI Sarawak Region. How can I help you grow your business? I am also interested in doing 1-2-1 meetings, per BNI’s system, with current and former BNI members in the region. Just drop me an email for my Dance Card profile.

Do enjoy the musings, writings, and reviews here. You are welcomed to leave feedback and comments. I moderate them personally so I can keep track of conversations.


2 thoughts on “About Aldric”

  • DP says:

    Hello Aldric.
    This is not a comment. I am just trying to contact you through this interface. I find your blog quite interesting and rich with thoughts and experiences. I am interested in meeting you in person. My office is in the Chancellery area (A411).
    Professor D. P. Dash
    Swinburne Sarawak

  • Cherry says:

    Perhaps you would like to share your story when u still study?

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