Month: August 2013

August 23, 2013

Can a Prime Minister’s Promise bind the Government?

Words uttered by leaders are very authoritative and persuasive. Remember when Obama began his election bid back in 2008? He said “yes, we can” and called for “change”. But can his words bind the Government of the United States of America? The Malaysian Prime Minister – head of the Federal Government – is the first among equals. It is a coveted office by many politicians. […]

August 22, 2013


How would you wish a friend on her birthday? My personal template for birthday greetings – especially on Facebook – is “Happy birthday <Name>! Many happy returns & God bless” or a variation of it. Do You Mean That, or Are You Just Saying? More often than not, I would copy, paste and edit the greetings to keep a personal touch. There are things you […]

August 16, 2013

Bujang, Duda atau Berkahwin: Di Sebalik Sabok

Pada Aidilfitri baru-baru ini, saya sempat melawat (bejarah) rumah bekas rakan sekerja kawan saya di Taman Sukma, Kuching. Berbeza daripada rumah-rumah terbuka yang lain, kali ini saya dapat mempelajari erti di sebalik pemakaian baju Melayu, khususnya dari pandangan Melayu Sarawak. Adakah anda tahu: pemakaian samping (digelar “sabok” sesetengah masyarakat Melayu Sarawak) boleh menunjukkan status perkahwinan seseorang? Sabok di Atas Lutut Kaum lelaki yang belum berkahwin […]

August 15, 2013

An Aidilfitri of Discovery of Cultural Symbology and Practices

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you! In the spirit of the festivities, I attended a number of open houses in Kuching, Sarawak. The last house I visited, IMHO, was the most thrilling. My friend brought me to visit his former colleague. Here, I learnt a lot of new knowledge pertaining to the Malay culture. It was shared so enthusiastically that all three of us who […]

August 14, 2013

Blog Relaunched

Welcome Back! Welcomed back to if this isn’t your first time here. You will notice changes. This was because over the weekend, my personal blog was defaced by non-Malaysian defacers. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, I guess.