Month: October 2015

October 31, 2015

Don’t Just Dream

What happens if you combined copywriting (8 years), public speaking (11 years), business relationship (2 years), knowledge of social media & content marketing (6 years), & a passion for people with the potential of the Internet? Turn every mistake and experience into a learning opportunity for action today! #GiversGain #BNISignature #BNIEminence #BNISarawak #EntrepreneursOnFire #SoNearYetSoFar A photo posted by A. Tinker Toyad (@a.tinkertoyad) on Oct 30, […]

October 30, 2015

Starting a Business is Expensive, but not How you think.

Returning to the MLM BOP on Wednesday night. In the same session, Jason Kong, the speaker, was relating how he started his business. “As an employee, you are your boss’ money making machine.” Thanks to Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad made popular in 2000, I think most of the Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials share the same view. What he shared next was something attendees did not […]

October 29, 2015

Why Did You Want to Learn How to Ride a Bike?

Last night I was invited to a talk: How to Build a Money Making Machine Online at iCube, here in Kuching. It was a multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity presentation (BOP). And I’d like to thank Danny for inviting me to the event. In the brief hour I was there, I watched and mentally participated in the presentation. And the speaker, Jason Kong, asked, “How did […]

October 15, 2015

29 Awesome Years!

First, let me thank my family, friends, and relatives for the warm birthday greetings this week. I appreciate all the effort you have put into – especially the beautiful collages and photos. It’s my second year after my Mom’s passing. Birthdays are not as they used to be. In the last 12 months, a lot has happened. The journey has been very surreal! Allow me […]

October 11, 2015

Hello from Aonang, Thailand!

Another one in #krabitrip2015 #NoFilters #nakedhair #becauseyoureworthit #SarawakianInThailand #IbanInThailand #MelanauGuyInThailand A photo posted by A. Tinker Toyad (@a.tinkertoyad) on Oct 11, 2015 at 7:23am PDT