How to Fail in Business Series

Les Affaires, C’est Moi

January 10, 2018 Aldric 0

Though deemed apocryphal, Louis XIV is famously attributed to saying “L’Etat, c’est moi“. This may be transliterated to “I am the State”. As an absolute […]

Should the government…?

June 16, 2017 Aldric 0

The most dangerous statement any one could make in a democracy: “The government should…” I subscribe to the political philosophy of limited government and small […]

Stepping Out of the Shadows

March 20, 2017 Aldric 1

This entry was originally posted as a Note on Facebook on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017. ( Hi Fredrik. Let’s date while waiting for a meeting. 😆 Damn, […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

January 29, 2017 Aldric 0

The Fire Rooster soars in as the Year of the Fire Monkey left us with a bang! Yes, roosters do not fly; some dub the […]

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My 2016 Journey.

November 30, 2016 Aldric 0

In about 31 days, we will say goodbye to 2016. On the 32nd day, we greet 2017 with great jubilation. I am amazed by how […]

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On a Two-Way Street…

October 1, 2016 Aldric 1

Communications. Human behaviour. Emotions. Beliefs. These are facets of humankind which fascinates me. In almost 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing joy, anger, […]