Category: Communications

December 17, 2013

The Easy Step is Done…

After much delay, the easy step is done! Lo and behold, a print screen taken from, my first microsite in years. But this is only the beginning in a long list of things-to-do!! Integrating Passions and Service Since 2008, I have been receiving creative briefs and sending my copy via email. My client was based in Johor Bahru. I was first in Kuala Lumpur. […]

August 22, 2013


How would you wish a friend on her birthday? My personal template for birthday greetings – especially on Facebook – is “Happy birthday <Name>! Many happy returns & God bless” or a variation of it. Do You Mean That, or Are You Just Saying? More often than not, I would copy, paste and edit the greetings to keep a personal touch. There are things you […]