December 17, 2013

The Easy Step is Done…

By Aldric

After much delay, the easy step is done! Lo and behold, a print screen taken from, my first microsite in years.


But this is only the beginning in a long list of things-to-do!!

Integrating Passions and Service

Since 2008, I have been receiving creative briefs and sending my copy via email. My client was based in Johor Bahru. I was first in Kuala Lumpur. And then Miri. Now in Kuching. Many times I got praised for my quick response. I don’t know any other way to operate besides being quick, concise and accurate.

Since re-reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, I see how I can integrate what I want to do with what I can do. The idea is a long shot, but it is possible for people globally. If it can work for others, why can’t it work for me? Just because you have never attempted something like it yourself doesn’t give you enough ground to dismiss the idea.


Here’s the thing. I like to write. I like to read. I like to meet people. I like to travel. So, I think it is time to take it to the next level.

My skill is mobile. It doesn’t matter where I am: I can write. As long as there is an Internet connection, I can deliver and communicate with my clients – wherever we may be on the globe!

So why not write in my hotel room overlooking the Thames? Or do a Skype conference call with clients at Starbucks under the shadow of the Marina Bay Sands? If Chris Guillebeau can use the 12-hour flight time from Vancouver to Hong Kong to do his work and email it out once he lands, why can’t I?

In fact: why not?

Basics at the Beginning

First things first: there must be three preliminary elements. Where my microbusiness is concerned, here they are:

  1. Product or Service: My Copywriting
  2. People willing to Pay for it: My Customers
  3. A Way to Get Paid: How I’ll exchange  my service for money

I offer what I know best: a quick brochure copywriting service. Making it simple: I will write your brochure in three days or less for a payment of $400. You email me the artwork and the approach that you want to take. Before my three days are up, I will send you a Words file with the headline, sub-headline, body copy/text and captions. Because it is a rushed job, you will have to pay up-front. $400 via PayPal.

Who are my customers? My primary market are boutique advertising agencies and firms who find $400 per brochure a reasonable amount. They need the copy as soon as possible. They want no-frills. They want to focus on their next project and get this one over and done with – to the best ability.

So, how do I get paid? On my website, specifically, there is a PayPal button. My customers click on it to make payments. And then they send me the artwork and information. I revert in 3 days time.

Three Days?

In a couple of months time I plan to fly. It is unreasonable to expect me to be able to revert in under 12 hours. Probably when I fly from Singapore to Perth. But not from Kuala Lumpur to London-Heathrow!


Based on track record, I am able to complete 5 different projects in a day. As the saying in Manglish (Malaysian-English) goes, “don’t want cincai one”. This means I want the copy to be concise, fresh, personal, conversational, accurate and reflective of the advertiser’s brand. Eliminating errors are vital!

You never know: I might end up bumping into my client when I land in Madrid!

But Why?


I want to see the world. London and Paris in July 2013 is not enough. At the same time, I want to enjoy what I do – and where I do it. This insight is something not many creative people have the chance to have.

Being realistic, freelancing from home is boring and demotivating. It also looks like I am not doing anything. Being irresponsible. Being lazy. So going on the move, I get to explore like those before me.

It isn’t enough just to take the road not taken. Now, it’s making those roads as well. Who knows what wonders that I can stumble upon, share and blog about?

As I do my rushed and remote brochure copywriting, I will also be writing my blog as I travel. I’m sure that would boost the quality of the content on

Besides that, I will also be developing other products to generate multiple streams of income. Products aimed to help people be what they want to be. Maybe a motivational ebook and forum. Or a series of NLP/hypnosis videos. Crossing that bridge when I get there.

As I do not have any physical commitments, i.e. children, I should take the opportunity to travel. Once I turn 40 years old, I do plan to adopt two children and settle down. Sharing with them the wonders of the world – how they can appreciate, preserve and – in turn – share it with others.

Tim Ferriss puts it rightly: sometimes doing the impossible is easier than doing what is normal.

Next, Developing the Marketing

Before I can take off, I first need to get the website going and traffic coming. This task is monumental. If anything, this is the single hardest part: creating the buzz and ensuring the system works before my first take-off.

This is something I look forward to. Smile

Now I’m more than just a copywriter. I am a copywriter-on-the-go! Winking smile