August 24, 2020

Revisiting Childhood Fiction: Animorph Series

By Aldric

Animorph Book 1: The Invasion

Timothy, my classmate in primary school, introduced this series to us back in the late 90s. I think it was around 1997 or 1998. In those two years, I devoured as much of the books as I could. In turn it contributed to my imaginary world constructed around me.

Alien Invasion, Adolescent Heros

The series revolves around 5 teenagers suddenly pushed into the centre of an intergalactic war happening here on Earth.

Walking through an abandoned construction site, they encountered the Andelite, Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, who gave them the powers to morph into other animals other than their own species. All they had to do was acquire the animal’s DNAs beforehand to morph into it later.

After a successful morph, they acquire the animal’s instinct and behaviour as long as they remained in animal form.

Twists for the Pre-Teen Readers

Alas, the first book thrusts the readers through several twists and turns of sadness and of joy.

Animorphs 01: The Invasion ended – though with sadness – coupled with hope and resolution.

A Faint Memory of Wanting to Become a Fiction Writer

I must confess: re-reading this book brought me back to much simpler times with my brother, Mom, and I. It was a time when I had that little hope and desire to become a fiction writer.

As the decades passed, I realised I did not have the talent for creative writing. Or I never gave my creative writing the chance to grow.

The seeds were sown though: I managed to become a copywriter. Mostly as a freelancer, and (briefly) an inhouse junior copywriter at a publicly-listed broadcasting conglomerate.

I tried to dabble with screenwriting. Attended workshops organised by the late Martias Mohd Ali a few times. Even went on a retreat with him and team for the film ‘Kapsul’.

Again, I shot that dream down because I was ‘uncreative’.

Perhaps it is worth a visit: that dream to become a creative writer. With many avenues available today for digital self-publishing, why not give it another chance?

Who knows how the story will unfold?

In the meantime, check out the book here on Amazon.