May 4, 2020

Malaysia’s Federal System in the Spotlight

By Aldric

The era of the federal government having the final say is over.

YBhg. Dato Sri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Vice President of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO)

It was not an era that should have started or sustained. #Malaysia is a #Federation. No one can deny that this came about because Parti Perikatan/Barisan Nasional dominated Governments at the Federal and State levels. Especially during #PM4 whose theme song was, “I did it my way.”

It’s vital to bear in mind that although “Federation of” was dropped from the official name, Art. 1(1) of the #FederalConstitution states, “The Federation shall be known, in Malay and in English, by the name Malaysia.”
The era of strong Federal Government started to wane in 2008 – when we saw Pakatan Rakyat controlling the economic & industrial centres of Penang & Selangor, and momentarily Perak.

Why is this important?

#KeluhuranPerlembagaan is not merely a slogan to chant. It is a living document where the Federal Constitution lays out the authority of the two levels of Governments.

Federal List for Putrajaya, State List to the States, while both share authority over what’s in the Concurrent List in the Ninth Schedule. Note that Sabah and Sarawak have additional sets of State & Concurrent Lists, which includes Immigration.

As we fight this #COVID19 pandemic as a nation, the different levels must work in harmony based on the local requirements. This includes at the personal level.

The Federal Government can only give the framework while the agencies and State Governments decide on the implementation. Finally, the people – like you and I – decide the level of adherence and compliance.
In summary, everyone has a responsibility and role to play.

Source: (Free Malaysia Today)