Competent white paper copywriters posses certain competencies in the art and science of white paper writing. Skills are the same: whether you are writing in-house or are an outsourced contractor/freelancer. Writing the white paper itself is merely a fraction of the whole process. And competent white paper copywriters know and understand that process.

How did I began?

After going through the materials over and over again, I am glad to say I am confident if a customer asks me to write a white paper. Ed Gandia & Steve Slaunwhite’s How to Write White Papers that Command Top Fees have given me the basic insight into how to write white papers. They showed me the basic formats of white papers. Formats used over and over again by top B2B white paper copywriters! Formats that have sold billions of dollars worth of goods and services.

From there, I discovered the researching process. The real bulk of the work. Finding the raw information. Making sense of what the customer has given me and synthesising them into a white paper accomplishing determined objectives.

From Conception to Delivery

Supplementing the online course, I bought Gordon Graham’s White Paper for Dummies from my local bookstore (MPH tHe Spring, Kuching). From Graham, I am able to outline and advise customers with the 12-step process. If neither you (my customer) nor I (the white paper professional) knows the steps, we would always be lost. It takes more time. We well go through a lot of frustration. So, why reinvent the wheel? That White Paper Guy has produced hundreds upon hundreds of top notch white papers. There is a twelve step process which can be broken down into specific steps! This eases communication between my customer and I, and internally among my customer and the stakeholders.

So, all of it is good, right?

I’m in the process of tweaking it alright. There is one simple stumbling block: marketing.

Getting the Word Out

MARKETING is not my biggest forté. If anything, it is my worst. This is, in my view, the single most important key result area which I need to work on. In fact, as Brian Tracy puts it, even if all else fails, the ability to sell alone is able to make me money.

Yes, I have heard it:  we are all sales people. We cannot not sell via our communication. It’s not a legal transaction, but we sell each other ideas, experiences, thoughts and opinions. With the currency of trust, we buy the same from our friends, family, colleagues and our surrounding.

I realise I can no longer do this alone. I am embarking on a different journey where I have to learn how to sell. Beginning with selling other people’s products first. Gradually selling my own white paper copywriting business.

Coming together with that, generating the necessary cash flow. For a business’ cash flow is its lifeline.