April 20, 2017

Hot cakes and Big Breakfast

By Aldric

Today I woke up at 6am to attend a blood taking session at – tentatively – 8am. It’s part of my annual checkup which I do since 2013. As usual, I refrained from anything except plain water in the 12 hours before.

When I was finally done, I decided to drop by McDonald’s for breakfast. This was about 10am. By the time I arrived at McDonald’s it was 10.30am.

There was a debate: do I take away or do I eat it at the restaurant. After I parked and as I approached the counter, I decided to have it there.

What I wanted was hot cakes. Instead, I confidently ordered the Big Breakfast. Essentially another burger on top of my Egg McMuffin.

So what did I learn?

Without my 3 mugs of coffee in the morning, I am that blur or dazed.

p.s. I am forcing myself to write every day as part of an exercise advocated by Ann Handley in her book Everybody Writes. Clearly I had a writer’s block. Time to head up to bed, enjoy my glass of Sheridan, while I watch some YouTube. I did light reading yesterday. The end goal of the exercise is to create ridiculously good content.


p.p.s. At the hospital, I spent almost 3 hours listening to a course on consultancy: Management Consulting Case Essentials by Sapbrief & Company on Udemy. I need some time to digest and share what I learnt from that. As I wrote yesterday, it’s one thing to know. Another thing altogether to turn it into wisdom and insights.