August 10, 2016

A Rough August 2016

By Aldric

This year we were struck a series of tragedies. Some time back, my grandmother fell and broke her leg. She’s been recovering well for an 80+ year old lady. Especially with the metal rods sticking out of her leg. This Saturday she is scheduled to remove those rods.

Last week we were shocked once again when one of our uncles passed away at the age of 68 years. A man known for his dedication to work and family, the late Hj. Abang Abdul Wahed passed away on Friday afternoon (August 5th, 2016). I flew back to Kuching to pay my last respects at his grave. I couldn’t arrive in time to see him off for the final time.

Also, this month saw me change my relationship status from partnered to single after over 3 years. We changed the status amicably and look forward to a new chapter in our lives. We decided to remain friends. After going through many ups and downs together in that period, this was for the best. We tried to adapt to each other. The more we bent, the more we broke. We gave it a shot growing organically since April 2013. I am happy with my decision that day and have no regrets. I stand by my choice.

Anyway, on a more lighter note, I’ll be writing about the Love Sick series that kept me preoccupied in the last few weeks. It’s a Thai series based on the novel  LOVE SICK : Chunlamoon Noom Kang Keng Namgern by [INDRYTIMES] (LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys). For the novel, you may read the English translation here:

On a brighter note, I also attended an orientation for an internet peer outreach programme focusing on raising the awareness of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and advocacy of testing. More on that in the coming few months. Who knows, you might find some videos on YouTube or Facebook. 😉

That’s it, I guess, for the time being.