May 31, 2016

PayPal Invoicing System

By Aldric

Last week I’ve reached a new milestone: I was able to integrate PayPal into my copywriting practice. Before this I have been handling the invoicing manually: Entering the information into Microsoft Words, and then converting it into PDF before attaching the file to an email to the client.

Going paperless is easy. However without a system, you’ll easily lose track of invoices, payments, and receipts. Instead of using a silo approach, this integrated method offered by PayPal combines the three records for you. It will come in useful for next year’s tax audit.

This transaction was also special to me: my client requested that I amend the recipient to include his company. In the past, I billed him directly. I was able to include the details onto the same invoice without hassle.

This is a long overdue step. I am glad we finally crosseded this bridge.