April 5, 2016

How did you get into copywriting?

By Aldric

Aldric, how did you get into copywriting? What is your story?

In this video, I’d like to share how my encounter with copywriting is purely by chance. There was no formal schooling or training. It was driven by passion and non-fiction writing interest.

Over the years, it has been a privilege and an honour to write many types of copy and text:

  • Speeches for a member of the Dewan Negara;
  • TV commercials which were aired on national TV;
  • Brochures and print ads selling properties in Iskandar Malaysia to Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Hong Kong investors;
  • Proposal papers for a deaf sporting event, property development and telecommunications and their accompanying cover letters;
  • Articles for forex and voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) services;
  • Press releases for a student body and business group;
  • Membership catalogue for BNI Signature Chapter in Kuching, Sarawak;
  • Countless of Facebook and Twitter posts/

I take pride in all I do. Before I used to be plagued by the numbers question. As an Associate Director with Berkshire Media, I am not leaving the world of written communication.

On the contrary, I am adding numbers into the equation. How much of an impact are we really doing?

Special mention: I would like to thank Hugh, of Learning Bulb Productions, for editing and producing this video for me. Hugh is a member of BNI Achievers Chapter, in Penang, and has joined their Director and Ambassadors’ Team. Email Hugh at chenmeng.hew@gmail.com.