February 22, 2016

One 2016 Goal Done – Nearly There

By Aldric

February 22, 2016 (Monday). Soon I get to strike out one of the 10 goals I set for myself for 2016.

If you recall my entry for early the year, Approaching the 3rd Decade (http://aldrictinker.com/?p=317), Goal #5 of 2016 is “Move into my own home complete with home office+study+library”.

Tentatively on Wednesday, my landlord will hand the unit over to me. Where? Let’s keep that private and confidential for now, shall we?

What I will share is I’ll be living in an interesting location in the Klang Valley. Not too far from the nation’s Capital. The unit faces the urban development in the area and bustling office complexes.

When I wrote the goal, I did not expect its realisation to come with 2 months. I did not anticipate it to be the first.

As Brian Tracy taught in his programme, The Luck Factor, after accomplishing the goal, I need to replace it with another. That way I will always have 10 Goals to Accomplish within the next 12 months.

My new home will allow me to set up my office at home. What I need to do now is to transfer my internet line from Kuching to the Klang Valley. It will take some time to build the library. I’ve got a good start.

I hope the neighbours don’t mind my unlocking my voice through Janice Yap’s self taught training. Check this video to have an insight on what I mean.

10 Goals for the next 12 Months

To repeat, here are my 10 goals currently:

  1. Raising CSSB account to a surplus of RM60,000 through copywriting projects before moving copywriting and communications operations to a limited liability partnership registered under the LLP Act;
  2. I make RM200,000 in all of 2016 for myself through my companies, businesses, and investments;
  3. I handle high level copywriting projects like white papers, business and development proposal writing, company profiles, and annual reports;
  4. I clear my car loan (RM17,300 as of January 2016), renew its road tax, and car insurance;
  5. Move into my own home complete with home office+study+library;
  6. Complete the Certified Copywriting Specialist certification from the Business Training Institute;
  7. Set aside RM30,000 in my AmBank TruSavers account for emergency purposes;
  8. Attend the BNI Malaysia 2016 National Conference;
  9. Produce 50 videos on Copywriting through the AdvertWriter Toolkit; and
  10. Build my virtual infrastructure with virtual assistants & freelancers to help me scale and grow my copywriting business.