February 19, 2016

A New Beginning Back in the Klang Valley

By Aldric

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Between January 29 and today, it has been a fast paced journey for me. I was giving the opportunity to join a fast growing social data analytics company in Asia.

Yes, this means I had to withdraw from Business Network International (BNI) for the time being. After things settle down, I will look for a new home chapter near my workplace.

Briefly, I want to express my gratitude to family, relatives, friends, partners, and acquaintances who helped me cope with 2013-January 2016. Your support were instrumental in helping me grow as a person, a tradesman, and an entrepreneur.

The journey is an exciting one. My new role combines various roles and requires me to push the envelope. While I no longer have to worry about every aspect of a business, it is a good platform for me to improve my skills in certain areas. As I grow, I can contribute better to my team and the organisation. From copywriting to include business development, project pitching, and many more.

Living in the Klang Valley is no walk in the park. It is faster than Kuching. With economic uncertainties it also makes an ideal launchpad. Alone, I can only go fast. Being part of this new team, a new employer whom I can learn from, a new BNI chapter, I dare say I would go further.

Wasn’t it that African proverb that went: