November 3, 2015

Thank you, KevJumba, for the good times!

By Aldric

Tonight I was going through the channels I’m subscribed to. Doing an Autumn-cleaning if you will. One of my favourite channel is by Kevin Wu of KevJumba ( (

I first stumbled upon Kevin’s channel back in 2009. Back then, there were not as many YouTube celebrities as today. He genuinely was hilarious and inspiring! And then came his collaboration with Ryan Higa. That blew me away!

I know Kevin Wu will never find this blog entry. But this is my way of expressing my thanks for all the great things he has done up to 2013.

Thank you for all the wonderful laughter, jokes, and anecdotes. You truly have been an inspiration. Although you’re off the radar at the moment, continue to inspire and touch lives around you. Wishing you the very best, Kevin Wu, in all that you do.