Wow, New Year’s Day felt like yesterday! We’ve entered the Second Quarter (2Q 2015) without us realising. This is the month of many changes!

First, on BNI Signature Chapter. Our new leadership team has begun their term. A BNI chapter’s leadership team is made up of three principal officers: the President, the Membership Coordinator and the Secretary Treasurer. To check out the current roster, click here.

As a member of this chapter, I continue my role as the Social Media Coordinator in this new term. Basically I keep the Chapter’s Facebook page updated (BNI Signature FB Page).

I also assume the role of Network Education Coordinator of the chapter. As the Network Education Coordinator, my role is to educate the members in a 3-minutes slot in each meeting on the skills and knowledge of referral/word-of-mouth marketing to grow their respective businesses.

Next, in BNI Sarawak ( I assume a more active role in the trainings. At the moment I have to suspend my chapter/core group, BNI Horizons ( to focus on my budding start-up.

Pending official announcement, I will also play the role of a Chapter Ambassador to another chapter in the region. A BNI Chapter Ambassador assists the Area Director in providing support to a designated chapter. We also ensure compliance and communicate it to the Chapter’s Director Consultant.

Why do I take the time off to do these work?

So why am I a BNI ambassador?
I love systems that work. BNI is all about systems, procedures and protocols. And as big as BNI has grown and continues to grow – the systems work. Week after week, referrals fly around chapter meetings all around the world. Pro-active BNI members who “get” BNI grow their businesses quickly and professionally.

Some members last, some don’t – that’s life. Some want to change everything (usually these ones don’t last), others take the time to look at the systems and realise – they work because they are sound systems.

The pro-active members prosper. This is no one niche that will necessarily do better than another. What I know for sure, the BNI members who get it realise that they are only one introduction or connection away from new business.

Had I said “Thanks but no thanks Ian” back in the late ‘90s when I was asked to support Ivan at his book launch, many doors would not have opened for me as they have in the last decade. May I recommend that one of the most important things you need to take to your next BNI chapter meeting is an open mind?

Remember every best friend was once a perfect stranger.


Branding. Networking. Mentors. Guidance. By raising my visibility and strengthening my credibility then and only then can I boost my profitability (V+C=P).

Third, on the home front: Converging Spheres Sdn. Bhd. (CSSB). After much persistence we are finally registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MOF) as a supplier to the Government of Malaysia and its agencies.

We are initiating registration with the Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor dan Juruperunding (UPKJ), Pejabat Setiausaha Kewangan Negeri Sarawak. This will enable us to bid for tenders and contracts under the Government of Sarawak and its agencies.

We are continuing our expansion of goods and services to supply to both public and private sectors.

So yeah, March has been a hectic month filled with meetings. April is no less busy. At the end I know what I am doing is worth it. That is the most important thing.