Recently I was in Singapore for about 6 days from October 29th to November 4th, 2014. I came in via Johor Bahru (JHB) and went south past the Causeway. I wanted to go to Bali for the same period, but the return ticket was four time more than Singapore. And the place I plan to stay in costs US$45/night. In Singapore, I stayed at the Royal Hostel ( in Chinatown which costed me RM60/night. It’s a beautiful place and a quiet escape in the heart of the ever-busy Chinatown area.

This Singapore trip was different for me:

  • This was the first time I traveled alone beyond Malaysian borders. London and Paris 15 months ago was my last vacation. However we were with family.
  • The last time I was in Singapore – not counting transits in the airport – was pre-1992. My little brother was not born yet. I think I was two or three based on the photos.
  • My trip to Singapore was a pilgrimage, not merely a retreat.

Places I wanted to visit in Singapore were:

  • Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum
  • Republic of Singapore Navy Museum
  • Army Museum of Singapore
  • OCBC Skywalk
  • Youth Olympic Park

Why these areas? Movie sets and insights.

I’m not a serviceman – obviously. But there are merits which can be taken from this Singaporean movie. And my train of thoughts during the trip was along the lines of “how did this little red dot on the map grew into this?”

One of Singapore’s building blocks is its National Service. A conscription and a coming-of-age ritual. Thus, Ah Boys to Men.

At the Republic of Navy Museum, I was able to discover on the surface the efficiency of the Republic’s maritime muscle. Based on this efficiency I am creating the benchmark for my procurement and sourcing consultancy company, Converging Spheres Sdn Bhd.

It’s not just finding suppliers. Our role is to help clients take control, improve and enhance the total supply chain.

Here are some more photos of my trip. I’ll share the individual elements and line of thoughts in separate entries.

Another shot in the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum, by the Changi Naval Base.

At the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum in Changi.

Yes, there is no such thing as single player mode. Never will be!

On the Helix Bridge. On my way towards those stands. I came here twice: once after my trip to the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum as you see here. My second time was on the penultimate night. I walked from my hostel and back. That was a distance of about 5km.

A little gift from Mr. Sim, of the Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum. Unfortunately it was undergoing renovation. Should be ready from December. A small token that gave me goosebumps!

My national service is not through the armed forces for now. Maybe never. But it does not mean that I have no duties or obligations towards my homeland. My form of national service is to contribute towards the realisation of visions of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) and bringing Sarawak as a player, part of ASEAN’s BIMP economic corridors.


By being the conduit connecting people and resources. By bridging opportunities and addressing threats and risks. By creating jobs and teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals.

And maybe, God willing, joining the Navy (TLDM) Reserves.