March 19, 2014

Reality Sinking In

By Aldric

The road before me is scary. Risks are running high. One licencing exam completed. Another one coming up. In the same month, Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA2) is due.

After presenting my vision board, it dawned upon me how much I expect frommyself in 5 years.
When I told my employer that I am aiming RM3,000 though my UTC full time, his response was, "I think you are worth more than RM3,000". I agree. That figure was a response void of confidence.

A new challenge was set: RM700,000 in 3 months + Success 101 + Quick Start. The three guarantees a promotion within the Public Mutual UTC system. This does not include my aim of reaching the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) or beating the annual RM2 million target.

Scared? Yes, I am. Excited, yes I am as well!