March 3, 2014

Redirecting Yesterday’s Ramblings

By Aldric

After having a long hiatus from blogging, it seems like my writing skills have eluded me! Despite the awkward ramblings, I’ll just leave it there.

I’m blessed. I thank the Almighty – despite still being mad at Him – for my blessings of family, friends, health, acumen, talent and capabilities, opportunities and bounties. At the same time I am disappointed with my progress.

Unreached Milestones

At the age of 27 going 28, I’m making RM1,100 per month. My peers, as I said, have gone past the RM3,000 mark. Through my goals, I am lacking severely by leaps and bounds! I must acknowledge, however, I managed to raise RM200,000 for my Amanah Saham Bumiputera (AHB). And that I have my own car with a down payment of RM20,000.

I am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Psychology from Wawasan Open University. Years ago I could have graduated with a Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) and, subsequently, the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from University Teknologi MARA. Last year’s attempt at a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak was a disaster. I managed to Pass three out of four subjects only in the first semester. I pulled out because of financial difficulties.

Health and fitness, I am not declining. Yet I am not improving. I have neither the swimmer’s body nor the lean one! (T_T) Ironic considering I have a membership to a gym and access to an Olympic sized pool!

Evaluating Progress

Naturally I feel disappointed with my progression. Departing from past habits, I now take time to consider alternatives and solve them. Let’s face it: neither you nor I know the answer!

Using the linear or “tried-and-tested” method is not going to get me anywhere fast enough. My highest qualification is a Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health combined with an International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health from the UK’s NEBOSH. Being a Chief Operating Officer in the next five years for a Malaysian Fortune 500 is practically impossible for me. I lack the requirements, competencies and skills. Plus, it isn’t where I want to be.

Business and commerce interests me. Not just the “prepared systems” but also the businesses from scratch. I believe in the power of the internet. Using the Internet, providing the right solutions for the right demand and having a channel of payment is all I need (Guillebeau, 2012).

In terms of building a business, I realise I lack the mentors and experience in creating business systems, and sub-systems under it. Because of that I enrolled into an Accounting & Finance programme at Swinburne. I continue to read books by Chris Guillebeau, Tim Ferriss, Michael Port etc. I listen to podcasts by Pat Flynn (, Michael Hyatt, and John Lee Dumas. In the car, Brian Tracy teaches me accelerated learning.

The Next Plan

Last November I took – and failed – the Computerised Unit Trust Examination, a.k.a. CUTE. I dragged my feet before I registered for the exam the second time. I’m glad to share with you I’m taking the exam once again this month (March 2014).

I am determined to pass it this time.

After obtaining my agent code from the UTMC, I’ll be pursuing the course of action aggressively. I’ll be working under the guidance of one of the leading Agency Managers in the city. All else will have to be on hold until I build the monthly income to at least RM7,500 per month. After the third month of making RM7,500 monthly, I will begin with my first information product.

In the beginning, my aim is to pass the RM4,500 mark for a comfortable monthly gross profit of RM1,400. Passing that means sustaining it for the subsequent 3 months.

So from that RM4,500 mark, I will move towards the RM7,500 mark. After the third month of RM7,500, I will begin work on my information product. I’m thinking along the lines of a web seminar which helps creative entrepreneurs.

I believe in having multiple sources of income. In that six months, I would have already developed several different streams of income – annual or monthly:

  • Amanah Saham Bumiputera
  • Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera
  • Current personal investments with Public Mutual Berhad
  • EPF
  • PruHealth & PruLink One Investment-linked insurance plans
  • Unit Trust Consultancy
  • Creative marketing information product
  • Possible pension fund/Private scheme

Make it Happen

I am a firm believer in outsourcing functions and tasks. However my future and my income are two things I refuse to outsource or leave to chance. Moving in default mode or autopilot feels like a waste of life.

What good does my plans – if materialised – do for me? Here are some of my reasons that I can think of from the top of my head:

  • Generating a more stable income at a rate in which I am in control of, and at the level I can be proud of;
  • Ability to meet and help more people – matching more needs with opportunities;
  • Ability to meet and connect with more people, helping them realising their investment goals and objectives, and helping them materialise their dreams and aspirations;
  • Able to leverage time – having time to spend with family, friends and worthy causes;
  • Having the disposable income to invest and save, and spend at a comfortable level;
  • Being able to pay taxes!!!!
  • Able to go on trips and vacations more than once a year which is confined to a 14-day period. I’d like to spend more time overseas and in my travels. In turn, I’d like to record and document those. From there, share the experience in my blog – hopefully to inspire young men and women from Sarawak to think and go global.
  • Able to assist my brother in his studies – at least pay for his school fees.
  • Having time and ability to catch up with old friends – attending weddings, anniversaries, reunions and birthdays wherever it is held without worry;
  • Able to go to any restaurant with anyone and order without worry of the price
  • Able to go shopping in KLCC, the Gardens or Pavilion worried only if I have enough closet/cupboard space
  • Able to go anywhere in Southeast Asia and Australia alone or with two others any time for at least 5 days – all expenses paid;
  • Able to hire coaches: business, swimming, workout, and life to help me be more than I can be each and every day;
  • Able to hire a team of twelve staff, including a personal secretary, to manage an information product empire – empowering more young/creative entrepreneurs and marketers (with me, that makes thirteen)
  • Able to buy a landed house and a condominium in Kuching, and a landed property in Betong to build a family home for my brother and I;
  • Boosts my confidence further in helping and connecting more people. The ability to meet more people means the more opportunities to match talents and opportunities which otherwise would be impossible.
  • I’m able to mix with a wider range of crowd, and introduce them – where appropriate – to one another.
  • When my time comes to leave the world, I would not be filled with “what-ifs”. I’d be able to help as many people as possible. I’d leave a lasting legacy for my brothers and sister. Something that they can build on and carve on their own.

It’s 11:25pm. In the day time, I probably would be able to write much longer. But for now, this is the reasons I can think of before I start to recycle my reasons.