January 21, 2014

Changing World View

By Aldric

Each morning, I make it a habit to listen to audiotapes and podcasts each morning and when I’m driving around. It’s a little tip suggested by Brian Tracy in his many books and audiobooks. So yesterday, I was listening to Tony Robbins’ 75 minute long recording. I think I listened to it three times on repeat in the car.

What is our ultimate goal in life?

You may list many personal and professional goals – and anything in between. You may want to find that dream partner. Or body sculpting equal to Abercrombie & Fitch models. Perhaps you want to start your own business and make thousands of dollars per day. But to what end?

Simply to be satisfied and happy.

In the end, to be happy is our ultimate goal in life.

Sadly, and I concur with Tony, we have been conditioned to only be happy after we have attained something. Once you have your own car. Or maybe your house. Or a high paying job with the corner office. You are happy because you have found or are with the person you love. When something happens, then and only then are you allowed to be happy.

But can you be happy without these things?

Yes. Yes, you may. Yes. Yes, I can.

I can be happy before I accomplish something. Attaining it boosts the joy. But happiness shouldn’t be with terms and conditions.

In his audiobook, Tony suggests that it is our natural state. From that happy state, we can continue to perform our duties and contributing.

Over the course of the tape, I have decided to stop achieving to be happy. Instead, I want to be happily achieving. I achieve and pursue my goals because of the joy of life. Not because the joy in life.

Life is the reward.