Re-Doing a Vision Board

Visions and dreams help us get out of routine mode and enter an accelerated and focused route. Well, some of us at least.

I noticed – from those around me – many stopped dreaming after they’ve attained a dream: obtaining a degree, joining the career that they want, or settle down. After that it is all “grown up business”. Someone has to pay the bills, put a roof over their head and food on the table, right?

Then there are those who dismiss the idea all together. One would dismiss dreams as pseudo-science with no empirical or scientific evidence. Psychology, to this friend, is an artistic endeavour, not a scientific one. A cousin, trained in medicine and currently practicing in KL, would just scoff at the idea: psychology is nonsense and waste of time; psychiatry is the true solution to her.

As for me, I believe in what works. I know setting down a goal works for me. I know listing things down come true one way or another for me.

Last Wednesday, I attended the FIRST workshop series organised by Public Mutual Berhad, Kuching Branch. Since I missed the introductory workshop last week, I am given the assignment this week: to prepare my vision board.

A few months ago I bought myself a cardboard for that purpose. It is still nicely settled in the study. My vision board came in the form of a desktop background for my Asus. >_<

Unfortunately I cannot print it out. I was told to compile the thing physically. I have since begun listing the stuff that I want to accomplish, be, do and have within the next 5 years.

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